New Technology
IP Based CCTV 
Network video surveillance- at home in the network 
Network-based or IP video surveillance cameras compress the video signal and transmit it via a network (LAN or WLAN). The data is then saved to the PC or a connected network recorder and is then decompressed and transmitted to the monitor for display. A considerable advantage of IP based CCTV is the significantly higher resolution of the recorded video. Additionally, existing computer hardware can be used for transmission and analysis, making it a relatively inexpensive security solution. 
Keyless Electronic Locks 
Sophisticated security with convenience over traditional mechanical locks 
Electronic coding allows for the possibility of selecting individual user access, updating and maintaining currency of individuals and their accessibility, lost cards can simply be cancelled. Systems can include not only proximity devices but fingerprint recognition and numeric keypads. 

Biometric Access Control
Security systems for the 21st century
Biometric access control is where we can see technological advances in high-end security measures. This involves access systems that utilise fingerprint recognition, hand detection, retina (eye) scanning and voice recognition/analysis- optimal security measures for the highest level requirements. 

Cloud Based Access Control
An easy, wireless cloud based locking solution, now available in Australia! 
Clay by Salto is a groundbreaking access control system for the security industry, not just because it has filled the gap for small to medium sized businesses, but because of how it has gone about filling this gap and identifying the needs of business owners. 
- Completely wireless 
- Plug & Play (no configuration required) 
- Lock management from the cloud 
- Remote access via smartphone, tablet or computer 
- Add and remove users in real time