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What locksmith services does ASG offer?

In addition to basic business, household and automotive locksmith and key services, we also install and maintain safes and security systems anywhere in the Wide Bay region.

I’m locked out of my house can you get me in?

Yes we have a lockout service, please ensure you have photo identification and proof that you are the owner/tenant of the property.

Are you able to fit a new deadbolt to my door?

Yes ASG supply and install all types of locks and security Hardware

Do you provide a 24 hr service?

Yes ASG have a service tech on call 24hrs a day 7 days a week 352 days a year.

Why should I use a locksmith when I can try and find someone who can help?

A licensed and experienced locksmith is efficient, fast and will ensure your possessions are safe and secure during the service. If you are using locksmith services for your car, home or business, you should ensure you have peace of mind that the locksmith you are using has the skills, experience and qualifications to carry out the job otherwise your work may be more costly in the long run.

Automotive Locksmithing

Do you cut keys for my car?

Yes, we cut keys for all makes and models of cars, motorbikes scooters and a wide range of vehicles.

Do you cut keys for my car?

Yes, we cut keys for all makes and models of cars, motorbikes scooters and a wide range of vehicles.

I have locked my keys in the car will my insurance cover the cost to have it opened?

Possibly you will need to check your policy, if you have roadside assistance it may be covered.

Lost my fob to my 2002 Volkswagen and its high security key, can you help?

Yes at ASG we cut all types of standard and Transponder Keys.  We also program remote controls

My remote for my car isn’t working what could the problem be?

Most of the time the battery is flat, we can replace the battery for you, and if it is not the battery, your remote may be broken. We can make a new remote if required.

Automatic Doors and CCTV

Do you install new Automatic Doors?

YES at ASG we supply install and service all Automatic Doors, Gates and Roller shutters. If it moves we can fix it.

How often should I service my Auto Door?

Current legislations require all Automatic doors to be services within a 120 day period. This is to ensure all safety devices are working correctly, it also ensures you will get the maximum life out of your Door operator.

Do you supply and install swing door operators?

Yes we have Swing, sliding, telescopic unit’s dependent on your requirements. 

Do you have Handicapped toilet door units like I have seen in major service stations and shopping centers?

Yes these units have more intelligent functions than a standard door, allowing for the occupant to lock and unlock the door electronically from inside the toilet. (Management generally have an override key should there be an emergency and the door is required to be opened.

Do you fit alarms and CCTV?

Yes we fit both commercial and domestic alarm and CCTV systems, give us a call to arrange a no obligation free quote.