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Locksmiths in bundaberg

The locksmithing profession has a history as old as civilisation itself, with discernible periods extending from classical antiquity through to the computer era. The security of one’s possessions dates way back to the ancient Pharaoh’s, with tombs containing locking devices regarded as the fore-runners of modern locking systems.

Today a locksmith in Bundaberg and surrounding region may be required to perform services ranging from providing customers with a new transponder key for their Volkswagen Golf, provide advice on best securing one’s valuable jewellery or designing and implementing a high-security restricted master key system for a high-rise building.

Having different keys to different locks can be very frustrating. Active Security Group, your Bundaberg Locksmiths can make all your locks work on the same key.

Your Locksmith can come to your Bundaberg or Wide Bay location in one of our fully equipped vehicles or you are welcome to visit our centrally located showroom in Bundaberg to speak with a Security Systems and Locksmith expert today. 

Cutting-Edge Key Cutting Services

There are two ways a locksmith can make a key. If you already have the key and simply just need a copy of it, then our regular key cutting service in Bundaberg can have your new key ready for you in minutes. Active Security Group stocks a wide range of keys for doors, garages, letterboxes, padlocks and windows at our shop. Simply drop in and chat to one of our friendly team members.

The other key cutting service we offer is for customers who have the lock but don’t have the key. Generally this requires one of our expert locksmiths to come to you at the location of where the lock is to perform what is called a lock impression. 

A lock impression is where the locksmith inserts a blank key into the lock and the pins within the lock press against the key leaving marks where the cuts need to be made. 

Our team of mobile locksmiths have all the necessary tools within their mobile service vehicle to do the job onsite. 



Secure Your Home with Our Trusted Residential Locksmiths

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing locks or would like to upgrade the locks at your property, Active Security Group are here to help. 

Operating across the entire Bundaberg region, ASG has experience in securing all types of properties and homes. Our workmanship is 100% guaranteed and we supply and install high quality products which are best suited to our customers needs in Bundaberg.

Whether you have just moved to a new house and want to secure the premises or want to upgrade the security system at your current property, or perhaps the unforeseen has happened and you’ve locked yourself out of your house. We use the latest technology, experience and expertise to help you with all your security needs. No matter how big or small.

An expert team of Locksmiths at your service

  • We can help in case of break-ins, lock outs, stolen keys.
  • We offer key cutting and professional service and advice from our bricks and mortar business in Bundaberg.
  • In our shop we cut all types of keys and have general door & window security locks.
  • We supply, fit and upgrade locks to insurance specifications to domestic and commercial properties.
  • We replace and install door locks of all types.
  • ASG carry out lock and cylinder repairs and replacements to doors and windows.
  • Our work is insurance approved and fully guaranteed.

Protect Your Business with Our Reliable Commercial Locksmith Solutions

Active Security Group Locksmiths are a leading provider of quality and competitive commercial locksmith services for businesses in Bundaberg and surrounds. We offer commercial locksmith and security services to businesses of any size.

We offer a fast emergency service to commercial customers for lock outs and can sort out any issues with your doors or locks. Our services also include a wide range of solutions to keep your business secure.

ASG’s professional and friendly team is dedicated to customer satisfaction and can help with various services that are required at your office or carry out services for your clients on your behalf (e.g landlords, tenants, etc.).

Whether you want to install a master key system, change the locks in a new office or you’re simply looking to upgrade your security system, the team at ASG have the Locksmith experts needed for the job! Give our team a call on 07 4153 6242.



Common Questions About Locksmithing

Can a locksmith get in without breaking door?

Certainly, a locksmith has the ability to unlock your lock without causing harm to it. Typically, locksmiths employ non-invasive techniques to gain entry to your property, guaranteeing that neither the lock nor the door is damaged.

How do locksmiths open doors without keys?

Locksmiths have various methods to open doors without keys, depending on the type of lock and the circumstances. Here are some common techniques:

  1. Lock picking: This involves manipulating the lock’s pins or tumblers using specialised tools until they align and the lock can be turned.

  2. Lock bumping: A bump key is used to create a vibration that can push the lock’s pins into alignment, allowing the lock to be turned.

  3. Lock impressioning: A blank key is inserted into the lock and used to create a mold of the lock’s internal mechanism. The locksmith then cuts a new key based on the mold.

  4. Lock drilling: This method involves drilling a small hole into the lock to disable it, allowing the locksmith to turn the lock with a tool.

It’s worth noting that locksmiths will generally use non-destructive techniques whenever possible to avoid damaging the lock or door.

Can a locksmith make a key for a lock without the key?

Yes, a locksmith can make a key for a lock even if you don’t have the original key. There are a few methods that locksmiths use to create a key for a lock without the original key:

  1. Impressioning: This involves inserting a blank key into the lock and using a tool to create a pattern of the lock’s pins or tumblers on the key. The locksmith then cuts a new key based on the pattern.

  2. Code cutting: Many locks have a code number stamped on them that corresponds to the key’s shape. A locksmith can use this code to cut a new key using a key cutting machine.

  3. Lock decoding: Locksmiths can use specialized tools to decode the lock’s internal mechanism and create a new key based on the information obtained.

It’s important to note that not all locks can be easily rekeyed or have new keys made for them, and some may need to be replaced entirely. A professional locksmith can assess your specific situation and advise you on the best course of action.