When is comes to securing your home, there are so many camera varieties to choose from. Surveillance plays a huge role in today’s society, with crime rates and other factors, it is important that you know your family and family home is safe.

Let’s have a thorough look over the best security cameras suitable for homes and that can be installed by our team of experts at Active Security Group in Bundaberg.


The top 3 house cameras

1. Dome Security Cameras

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The dome camera is one most commonly used security cameras for indoor and outdoor home security monitoring. The shape and size of the camera makes it unobtrusive and difficult for onlookers to tell which way the camera is facing. This is a strong design element, deterring possible intruders or criminals by creating an air of uncertainty.

Main benefits of Dome Cameras:

  • Ease of installation
  • Vandal-resistant features
  • IR night vision
  • Monitor live from your smartphone with an app we install for you
  • Cost effective option for home security


2. Bullet Security Cameras

bullet cameras bundaberg home security

Bullet cameras are cylindrical in shape and are ideal for outdoor use and side-wall infrastructure installation. Their robustness lies in situations which require long distance viewing. Installed within protective casings, the cameras are shielded against dust, dirt, harsh climates and other natural elements. The cameras can easily be mounted with a mounting bracket, and come fitted with different types of lenses depending on the requirements for its intended use.

Main benefits of Bullet Cameras:

  • IR night vision
  • Compact
  • High-quality image video resolution
  • Monitor live from your smartphone with an app we install for you
  • Lenses to best suit situation


3. C-Mount Security Cameras

c-mount cameras in bundaberg

This camera also comes with a feature to interchange lenses allowing for simple lens changes to suit different situations. C-mount cameras are a great option when you need to cover distances beyond 40 ft. They are also able to support changes in technology making it a highly configureable camera.

Main benefits of C-mount cameras:

  • Can support changes in technology
  • Effective for indoor / outdoor use
  • High deterrent – Bulky size makes them very visible



What Type of Security Cameras Should I Buy?


There are many factors to consider when choosing the right home security cameras. Depending on where they’re going to be positioned and their primary use will firstly need to be established. Before making a decision, consult with a professional security technician who will be able to inspect the premises so they can adequately propose the best options for you and your family to consider.

Whether you’re looking to install a CCTV camera outside a property to catch criminal activity, or have one placed inside to monitor the homes internal activity, there is a solution for everything.


3 factors your professional security technician should consider:


1. The correct lens;
2. The correct sensor;
3. The correct output resolution.


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