Car Locksmiths That Come To You in Bundaberg

So, you’ve locked yourself out of your car, and the keys are still inside and you need to find the reliable locksmiths in your region pronto!
You’re not the first person this has happened to, and you most certainly won’t be the last.
Or maybe your central locking has failed and your key got jammed in the car door. Again, this is a common occurrence, more than you’d think, and at the time it feels so frustrating and hopeless, perhaps even alarming when it happens.
You need not worry, though, when you have a team in Bundaberg like Active Security Group (ASG) ready and able to help you when you need them most. With their fleet of mobile locksmith vehicles, you can simply make a call and one of their specialized team members will be on their way to help you get into your car, whatever the issue. ASG understand that your time is valuable, so you can give them a call, and they’ll provide you with an ETA, giving you the assurance that someone is on their way when you’re locked out of your vehicle.

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Snapped Car Key Replacement

If your key has snapped or gotten jammed in the lock or the ignition, our team know this is delicate process to extract the broken metal without damaging the ignition or the lock any further. They will make certain to handle it with care, and will do their best to get you back on the road as quickly as possible, as soon as it is safe to do so.

The process may seem easy, but in fact specialist vehicle locksmiths undergo extensive training to add car locksmithing as a specialty. Automotive locksmiths have to be very gentle when removing a broken key that has left part of the key inside the lock, or they risk damaging the entire locking system.

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Central Locking Systems

If it’s your central locking that has failed, or the key fob on your keychain that simply isn’t computing, it’s not an issue. Transponders keys have been around since 1995, and specialised vehicle locksmiths should always have more than enough experience to understand how the key has been programmed to communicate with your vehicle and can help if an issue transpires with that programming.


Car Remote Replacements

Car remotes or Transponder Keys are also a replaceable item should you ever get stuck with losing the wo that were assigned to you when you purchased the vehicle. Vehicle Locksmiths are trained in coding or re-coding Transponder keys for your car to gain you entry into your vehicle, and getting you on your way once again. Experience is essential when choosing the locksmith to get you into your vehicle. Not only do they need to be licensed locksmiths, but a reputable company with great reviews is the one to choose. For example, Active Security Group in Bundaberg hold over one hundred years of combined industry experience within their team of locksmiths and have been established in the region for over 30 years.

Spare Keys

Having a spare key on hand is a good safe-guard measure to making sure you will have access to your vehicle if your fob, key or transponder breaks down or is lost. Mobile Locksmiths should be able to cut and code keys on the go in no time. In Bundaberg, Active Security Group encourages its locals always have a spare key on hand as losing a key or a remote is the last thing you want when you’re in a hurry and oftentimes, the situation becomes stressful. Having a backup ready to go will save you all kinds of stress until you can locate the missing key once more, or replace it if need be. Vehicle locksmiths such as Active Security Group, will always prioritise a vehicle locksmith job because they understand that without wheels, your life is more or less on hold!

Your vehicle is an integral part of your day to day life for the most part, and it is important you have access to it whenever the need arises. Knowing this, ASG keeps a wide range of top-quality remote car keys on hand and in their mobile locksmithing vehicles so as to give you the best and fastest service possible.

To better understand the full capabilities of Active Security Group and the services they provide in automotive locksmithing, contact ASG via phone, email, or drop by their centrally located Bundaberg Store, and one of the team will be in touch with you soon!