What are locksmiths?

The dictionary definition for locksmiths is this: (verb) person(s) who makes and repairs locks.

Simple, yes? However, a locksmith can also be defined as something else. They can be your hero when you leave your keys in the car and your child decides to lock you out (some of us have been there, and we don’t judge).
They’re the gatekeepers to security for you and your family when installing locks on your home. Locksmiths can also be the doorkeepers to protecting your business, your valuables, and your property.
When most people picture a Locksmith, they think of someone cutting keys to your home or helping you into your car or business when you’ve been locked out. But a locksmith here in Bundaberg can also do so much more in this day and age. With the changing of technology, locksmiths have progressed with the times and their training makes them much more valuable to your personal, home and business security than you know.
Active Security Group are experts in all things locksmith, from residential properties, commercial properties, to emergency locksmith needs and even offer mobile locksmith services.

Residential Locksmith:

A locksmith for residential purposes in Bundaberg is someone who can come to your home and help you put locks on your door, your home gate, and windows. Beyond that even, a residential locksmith can install home security systems including but not limited to security cameras, motion sensors, glass break sensors, and remote controls. They can even install panic buttons. If you have the need to upgrade your home security, locks, or install an entirely brand-new system, Active Security group are the locksmiths in Bundaberg you can trust to secure your home and keep you safe.

Mobile Locksmith Services:

To simplify it: if you require a locksmith but don’t have the ability or the time to come to our location, we can come to you. With today’s busy world, a mobile locksmith is exactly what people need. We are equipped with a fleet of mobile locksmith vehicles, ready and awaiting to provide our services to the people of the Bundaberg region and its surrounds.
When you are looking for your next locksmith service, we recommend you consider finding an expert locksmith whom you can trust, capable of providing security solutions, upgrades or installations relating to all things locks and security.

Commercial Locksmiths:

From your small businesses to larger corporations, we here at Active Security Group are dedicated to ensuring you get the best locksmith services at your disposal for your commercial properties in and around the Bundaberg region. Our locksmiths are prepared to deal with fledgling businesses to multi-tiered buildings. We strive to provide you with solutions to your security problems, from simple key cutting to installing electronic locks and top of the line security cameras meant to protect you and your business. Do you need a security upgrade, or a completely new system installed? Our locksmiths will be more than happy to help provide you with our services.

Emergency Locksmiths:

The trouble with emergencies, is that almost no one is prepared for when they will happen or exactly what it will entail. More often than not, they happen when it’s least convenient. When the unpredictable happens, you’ll want to be able to call a locksmith you can trust, and that’s where we come in. Active Security Group is more than happy to help the people of Bundaberg with all their unpredictable emergency locksmith needs, from glitching in your electronic locking system, to needing emergency entrances when you have misplaced, lost, or damaged your key


Deciding on a dependable and capable locksmith has never been easier. Simply give our friendly team a call or easily book in for a quote via our contact page. The team at Active Security Group are experts in home and business security, locksmiths, vehicle locksmithselectronic access control and more. We will happily assist you in making the right choice. We service all across Bundaberg and surrounds.

Types of locksmiths in Bundaberg